My feet are racing

It’s mid-May and the year has just begun in my mind but my feet tell me another story. Brett is overseas walking the Pyrenean high route for two months. He’ll return June 26th. So I’m a single mother of a crazed muppet. The word that sums up my days is ‘busy’.

The Ride to Conquer Cancer ride takes place in three months – August 20-21st. So far our team ‘Breast Friends for a Cure’ has raised $23,050 – so we’re getting up to our goal of $40k (sort of). Breast Friends for Cure I’m putting on a High Tea – Champagne, Croquet and Cupcakes – May 29th at the McIllwraith Croquet Club from 2:30pm if anyone’s interested. All funds to the Queensland Institute of Medical Research.

Health wise, all is going well. I still get injected every month with Zoladex to keep me in a menopausal state. I’ve decided that in the next few years I’ll have a full hysterectomy to put paid to the Zoladex injections and the risk that oestrogen might swamp my system again and feed cancer cells. Not a fun bit of surgery and recovery but I believe necessary.

Today Felix and I go down to Melbourne and out to Janalli – Brett’s parents’ property. Feed me some beauty.