Sword of Damocles

The clinical nurse at the cancer care services I attend every 6 months has bumped another women’s appointment to squeeze me into seeing my oncologist next Monday (son in-tow). This is, allegedly, due to not being able to give my bone scan (CT) results over the phone.

You see …

I’m scared. I’m scared that my cancer’s return into places I can’t remove it.

It’s likely a very innocent, and decent, act by the cancer care services to move around appointments so that I can collect my son from school and still attend an appointment to hear from my oncologist whether I should continue prolio or zometa (to increase bone strength, and avoid or deter the onset of osteoporosis).

I’ll update next Monday on what the results are.


Fundraiser for Choices Cancer Support Centre

Music for Choices

Choices was there for my mother and myself when we went through breast cancer treatments. They provided counselling to my mother and advice to me. Every service is free. Any person affected by cancer can walk through their doors and receive open-armed assistance. Please help support me to raise funds for this excellent centre.

For those who live OS or can’t make it to the night you can donate by ‘buying a ticket’.

With love, Josie x.


My mother’s birthday

My mother’s birthday is today. She would have been 68! She died 12 years ago, and I miss and love her to this day. This is my favourite photograph of her as an 18yr old doing her B.Sc. She refused to kill the rats after desexing them. She stole ‘Gertrude’ from the lab. The lab technicians were looking for it for a long time … the secret never got out.


My mother and her Gertrude

mum-and-i-2005 2005, this is my mother and I a few months before she died (she was terminally ill with metastatic breast cancer).

me-in-front-of-jessicas-welsh-dresser 2016, me in front of my mother’s mother’s Welsh dresser in Wales, UK.

mums-great-grandmother 2016, this is my great, great grandmother (I think the original owner of the Welsh dresser – quite a similarity with my beloved mother). The Welsh dresser is passed down through the daughter’s line. Though we don’t know where the gene for breast cancer was passed down (thinking through my maternal grandfather’s line – who we don’t know).