I shaved my head


Yesterday my hair was noticably falling out. So, over sheets of newspaper in the bath I used Brett’s beard clippers and gave myself a number 3 haircut. I look like other chemo patients now. You can feel the cool air on your scalp, and the prickly hairdo is nice to rub. I just went for a walk to the local post office, which is nestled into the Royal Brisbane Hospital. I got the I’m looking at you, trying not to look at you stares. It’s humbling to be on the side of the ‘cancer patient’ with no hair look.

2 comments on “I shaved my head

  1. Michelle Matchett says:

    Darling Josie

    I’m sitting here in shock (just finished shift at AHS) and have just received your email. Funnily enough, you have been in my thoughts…..What to say??? I love your hair shaved (you have a great head!!!!). I think all I need to say is that you’re my mate and from knowing you I know that your strength and determination will see you through. If there is anything I can do, anything at all please call me or email me anything. You’re a beautiful soul and I’m sending you the biggest Mexican wave…Can you see it????

    Love you Michelle x x x x

  2. Eric says:

    hey gorgeous, love the idea of the blog. Can’t believe you thought you might have had swine flu, that’s just being greedy. It must have been the last thing you wanted to think about. Good luck with Chemo, one session down!! Did my package arrive? Back in Paris end of the week, so will beam in then. Lots of love and big hugs from all of us to you, Brett and Felix. xxoo.

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