Six hours in accident and emergency

Drama not over from yesterday. I woke up with an allergic reaction and mildly suppressed breathing again. So, Brett and I went to A & E and due to various tests and the oncology on call staff taking some time to be contacted or turn up we were there all day. Up shot is I didn’t need to be admitted and the allergic reaction is containable with antihistamines – under control again!

Not a great way for Brett to spend his mother’s birthday.

2 comments on “Six hours in accident and emergency

  1. Alena says:

    Hello Princess!
    Ivana passed me your email and blog address. You are so wonderful and will get through it! Sounds like you’ve got the troops well mobilised too. Thinking of you and sending lots of long-armed hugs

  2. Alena says:

    Hello possum, loads of wishes to you to keep feeling better! Alena

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