Chemo brain

The recipe said ‘4 Rice Duo 10 cups water’, and I read 10 cups, which I put in. The meal survived because I scooped out the water as it was bubbling through onto my supposed to be steaming not blanching vegetables. I cursed the silly cooking instructions on our new Breville rice cooker. It took me until the following day when my washed out fish brain revisited the frontal part where thoughts occur and – ping – Duo 10 is the cup name, oh, I see now – 4 cups not 10. Gotcha.

3 comments on “Chemo brain

  1. Maree K says:

    Hi Josie,
    they were very poorly worded instructions – where was their editor???
    Thinking of you every day, as I know are lots of other people. Once when I was having a bad time & crying over the phone to my sister she said, just let it go, I can take it, just let it go. So now I’m saying it to you – when it gets too much, just let it go & send it on over to me.
    love Maree

  2. Mieke says:

    Dear Josie, finally made it to your blog – it’s a great gift to your friends and family, and wonderful that you can find the energy and motivation to write it. I will now be a regular visitor! Ngaire and I will be thinking of you this Friday and the days following.
    Lots of love, also to Brett and Felix,

  3. Eric says:

    hey lady, we are all wishing we could be around!! Hope to speak soon. Love from all of us in Paris. xxx

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