The Australian ‘I’m young, but breast check saved me’

September 8, 2009 article on Breast Cancer and BreastScreen Australia’s decision to restrict the age of free screens.

The Australian Article

The Australian Article2

Janine, from Choices, contacted me asking if I would not mind giving an interview about my experience of getting breast cancer young and my opinion on the decision to restrict free screening to women 45-75 years. I said, ‘Okay’, and the rest is written in this article. I’m not appalled as it says, rather, I think there should be a focus on women under 45years getting tested as well. I don’t want BreastScreen Australia buckling under the pressure of getting all the women on their waiting list tested. Just, younger women wanting to get checked should get a decent medicare rebate for doing so. My regular ultrasound check, plus a diagnostic mammogram and needle biopsy cost approx. $1000. After the medicare rebate I paid approx.$250-300 out of pocket.

Its funny how things roll. The day this article came out Peter Maher from 3AW wanted to interview me about my opinion. So, I did the interview. It was on September 8th at 4pm. I can’t find a podcast to put here – sorry. You can hear Felix in the background. Peter Maher made some comments about his strong voice being good for radio when he’s older (you know the kind of familiar, jokey tone radio presenter thing).

N.B//The white ladders in the photo are used for training beans and tomatoes up them. I’m very pleased with how lovely our garden looks. I’m wearing the illustrous ‘Tiana’.

If you want to read a more legible version of The Australian article follow this link:,25197,26041544-2702,00.html

4 comments on “The Australian ‘I’m young, but breast check saved me’

  1. Megan Pascoe says:

    Hey lady,

    Just felt the urge to write and tell you what a total legend you are….and how excited I am that I know someone who is soooooooooo famous that they’ve been on the front page of the newspaper AND given a radio interview!

    It honestly sounds like your treatment has been horrendous at times, but I’m so impressed with how you seem to be getting through it. I’m moving back from the U.K. in a few weeks and wish that you didn’t live so far away, so I could come and see you!
    But I really hope we can catch up in a few months when I’m back home.

    I’m wishing you all the love and luck in the world – you are so brave and gorgeous (and your new BFF Tiana is pretty cool too!) xoxox

    • Josie Dietrich's breast blog says:

      Hiya Megan,

      You’re back in Melbourne town after your UK time. I hope life in Aus is treating you well. Just beaming in to say I’m cancer free in my ladies. I had a double mastectomy immediate reconstruction on the 1st Feb. Currently a bit swollen and sore. More later lovely, jx.

  2. Eric says:

    proud of you! xx

  3. Ed says:

    This is great. jo! You wonder where the people behind these policies live. Sorry not to hear felix’s big voice though. love you

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