Last day tomorrow,

and I’m not thinking about it at all – honest – I’m just not. Various doctors from psychiatrists to oncologists have talked about how cancer patients find finishing the chemotherapy treatment the hardest part of it. The reason for this is that the cancer kicking drugs are over and you’re faced with life post-treatment (well mine continues for five years) and a new life with the question ‘will my cancer return?’ ‘Am I cured?’ ‘Am I safe?’

No one can answer this, and I’m guessing that this is what makes finishing chemo hardest for us. I’ll let you know how I feel after my week of nausea and ill-health is over. Right now I’m good; tired, but good.

3 comments on “Last day tomorrow,

  1. Maree Kimberley says:

    thinking of you Josie, hope all goes well,
    love Maree

  2. chrisbongers says:

    It’s Day 6 after your last chemo, so I hope you’re coming out of the tunnel. Thinking of you. xx

  3. Ed says:

    i love you and mum would be so proud of how you are dealing with it all.

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