Back on the blog board

Me walking near Lake Tekapo, New Zealand. It was blowing a near gale that day.

Mount Cook, New Zealand as seen from Red Tarns (500 metres up from the valley floor).

Walking 3-4 hours return into sub-alpine environments; the beauty of Milford Sound (or more correctly fjord); relaxing and enjoying the company of my partner and son were a few of the delights of New Zealand. It helped me to breathe in deep again.

2 comments on “Back on the blog board

  1. Maree Kimberley says:

    Looks beautiful Josie.

    • Josie Dietrich's breast blog says:

      I’m back from a double mastectomy immediate reconstruction. Feeling pretty good – bit swollen and sore. How and where are you at lady Kimberley? Josie x.

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