Is my brain firing on all cylinders?

No it is not.

Considering I just mistook some poison for Benodryl you could say my synapses are not snappedy snapping very well right now.

My thought process went like this:

Oh look there’s a medicinal bottle on the bathroom dresser-top (we have a medicine cabinet on a wall where these things usually live). It must be the new cough syrup that Brett brought home for us. Grab said bottle. Pour 20mls into glass measurer. Suck it back. Eyes bulge. Throat clamps shut. I look from the glass measurer to the bottle. Benodryl?

This doesn’t taste like yummy, sweet cough medicine. This is horrible. In fact, this burns. Read bottle label. I haven’t swallowed a drop yet.

Vapo Steam oil!

Spit with some force eucalyptis fusion oil into sink. Swill water. Spit. Swill water. Spit. Read poisons warning: ‘Do not swallow.’

I didn’t, but it was in my mouth – eeks – am I in danger? Are my tongue buds slugging back the eucy oil like a thirsty trucker?

I keep hacking any saliva into the kitchen and bathroom sinks. I’m telling Brett the story and moving between rooms – hence the two sink spitting. My tongue is inflamed; not my oesapaghus, which is the better outcome. Brett asks, ‘have you ever done that before?’


But then I wouldn’t remember if I had, would I?

This is one human goldfish wishing to transmog into a dolphin or some other mammal with higher intelligence.

2 comments on “Is my brain firing on all cylinders?

  1. Sarah says:

    Help. I hope tongue has calmed down. Don’t go near it with naked flame. I hope not everything tastes of gum tree.

    At least you didn’t do it out of sheer gluttony. I once slurped a great spoonful from a tin of black treacle in my mother’s ‘baking’ cupboard, thinking ‘yum, treacle, good’. Believe me, ‘yuk, black treacle, bad’ – even if the tin is an inviting-looking red with gold, treacly writing.

    • Josie Dietrich's breast blog says:

      Ahh, very cute story treacle lady. Tongue no longer tasting like gum tree. However I feel differently about cough medicine now. Them is the breaks. Hope having cranking time in Bryon dancing and listening to music.

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