Quite a birthday present to myself

On the 28th of this month I turn thirty-six. On the 29th I have my tissue expanders replaced with silicon breasts. I’ve gone slightly bigger thank you very much doctor. Still the same bra size as before; it’ll just fit real snug now. Even with the balloon like inflations on my chest I’m happy with the result. I was off balance after the double mastectomy. It made me realize how much I needed the breast form to feel ‘right’.

I stepped onto the road to physical fitness last week. Every Tuesday and Thursday morning (from hereon) I wake at 5:15am and cycle to Genesis (terrible name) for an rpm class i.e. a stationary cycle class. Odd you say … yes, well I like cycling without focusing on road crossings, stop signs and such. I also enjoy the solidarity of other tired people doing something about their hearts and bods. The AM time is unglamorous. We all yawn, plunk ourselves on the bike, and sweat. Then leave with a smile on our faces. This place has a crèche, so next week I’ll take Felix during the day so I can rubber up in Pilates – oh, the modern mum in me.

Last but definitely not least I’m happy to report there are only four Herceptin sessions left. I’ll finish in June, and then have my portacath removed. Yes!

2 comments on “Quite a birthday present to myself

  1. Sarah says:

    Snug sounds good – I jiggle about in the bra size I still think I am but was probably only 20 years ago!
    And cycling to cycling sounds very modern. I read a blog the other day about someone who said she only watched TV when she was running. It took me another couple of sentences to realise this meant she had one of those conveyor belt thingies in her front room.
    I discovered ‘spin/studio cycling/prm’ this winter in the uk. You’re so right about the change in people – we all grimaced and sweated and moaned (well, I did anyway) and only at the end would we break out into the singular kind of bonhomie endorphines can produce.
    Good luck with the birthday present!

    • Josie Dietrich's breast blog says:

      I’ll try spin/studio cardio weights thingy once I’m revved up enough from my weekly rpm classes. I hope the Blues Festival killed (as they say).

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