2 comments on “My Mother’s 62nd Birthday

  1. saer says:

    Is it difficult for you to believe that it has been 5 years since your Mum’s death? Time passing is an interesting thing for me and the death of a loved one. It still seems like yesterday I visited the newly planted gingko tree at Janalli.
    Your blog is truly remarkable. I visit it periodically and feel stronger for it. xxx Saer

    • Josie Dietrich's breast blog says:

      Hello Darl’n,

      It was such a nice surprise to have a message from you. I only write one thing a month on my blog now and figured no-one was reading it. So thanks for reading lady.
      It feels like 5 years since Mum died, but her presence hasn’t diminished. I can’t imagine her in the world with what has happened with my own cancer diagnosis and Felix’s difficulties. I don’t know how she would’ve bared the suffering Brett and I have been through as a family. Plus I can’t think of her alive without thinking of her with cancer. If she remained alive she would’ve been so ill still. I can’t shake that image of her when I daydream of hugging her again and sharing a cup of tea. When I do really engage with the memory and shared love/closeness with my mother I tear up (like I’m doing now). I’ll always miss her. I hope life in Tasmania land is treating you well and love to that fabulous family of your own. Josie x.

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