8 Ways to Prevent Cancer by QIMR Berghofer

QIMR Berghofer welcomes Professor Graham Colditz from the Washington University School of Medicine as our distinguished Bancroft Fellow-in-Residence. Professor Colditz is an internationally recognised leader in cancer prevention. As an epidemiologist and public health expert, he has a longstanding interest in the preventable causes of chronic disease, particularly among women.

Professor Colditz, says over half of all cancers can be prevented by a combination of healthy lifestyles and regular screening. Here are eight simple behaviours that can greatly lower cancer risk:

1.   Maintain a healthy weight

2.   Exercise regularly

3.   Don’t smoke

4.   Eat a healthy diet

5.   Drink alcohol in moderation, if at all

6.   Protect yourself from the sun

7.   Protect yourself from infections

8.   Get screening tests regularly


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