5 comments on “What can come out of grief

  1. Jo says:

    Hi Josie – it’s Jo here from many moons ago when we were both working at YMCA in Windermere, UK…
    You have popped up in my memories ever since the summer we met but more recently, I’ve been thinking of all the wonderfully strong women I’ve known and your name was on that list! And now I think I’ve ‘found’ you through your extraordinary experience of breast cancer. I’m hoping you are well and are still crazy about climbing?!
    It would be good to hear from you – I left an email tonight for you via another website where I think I found you too!
    Email me as and when you get the chance – I’ve read some of your blogs and I’m humbled by your honesty and bravery.
    Best wishes
    Jo x

    • What a wonderful surprise! Love to chat … at work so wee’ bit busy. But will email tomorrow or next. I hope life’s been kind to you. Josie x.

    • Dear Jo,

      Where are you in the world? It was such a fab surprise to have you beam-in like that! So … so much to catch up on. I have a 5yr old son, Felix. My partner’s Brett. We live in Brisbane QLD. Yes … I did have breast cancer. Four years cancer free. I’m a gardener. I stopped rock climbing at 30. Did psychology then stopped it at 30. Moved to France with Brett then returned to care for Mum who was dying of breast cancer. After her death moved to Brisbane. Did MA in creative writing. Now work at CauseForce for events that raise money for cancer research by QLD Institute of Medical Research Berghofer. Cyclist. Umm … that’s super quick summary. What of you lovely lady? Jx.

      • Jo says:

        Great to get your quick summary of life over the past 20yrs or so!
        After YMCA I studied anthropology in London for 3yrs, then went to live and work in a Camphill community in the USA for 2 years, supporting children with special needs in school and life. I met and married Umut, a turkish guy; we’ve been married since 1996. We moved to the UK, he studied law and is now a professor. I qualified as a social worker but decided to remain within the Camphill movement and am now deputy head of care in one near Bournemouth, on the south coast of England. We have 3 lovely children; 10yr old Meli, 8yr old Evren and 3yr old Kyra. My week is a crazy mix of mother mayhem, 4 days of work, childminder, nursery dependency and panicking that I’ve forgotten to pick up one of my kids from an after school club!
        I run, do yoga and aerobics. We travel to Turkey for our summer holidays and head to the Lake District to see my family when we can.
        Tell me more about you and what you write about! X

      • What an amazing life you’ve lead. Assuming you speak Turkish too! Fab. I can relate to mother mayhem very much. I’m working four days too with CauseForce. Kind of like cleaning queen, gardening joys, and such. I’d love to have a conversation with you about Camphill in the USA. We could meet again on Skype? I’ve gone over to a place north of NY for training in the SonRise Program based in Sheffield, MA for my son, who’s autistic. We’ve had great gains since starting the play-based therapy. Writing: I graduated with my MA this year in young adult writing. I’m also writing a memoir. I guess writing life is relatively new to me in that my background is psychology but after my mother’s death from breast cancer in my early thirties I decided to follow a long held love, which is now my current love. More soon . Jx.

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