3 comments on “Briony, Lisa and me

  1. Dale Youngberry says:

    My husband spoke this morning to three cyclists wearing the Breast Friends jerseys. I’m a cancer survivor and cyclist and am trying to make contact because I’m interested in riding with like minded women. Am having trouble with the website they mentioned and this blog is the closest I’ve got to getting in touch with them. Can you help please?

    • Hello Dale,

      Yes … that was us riding. My name’s Josie and well done finding my blog. I need to re-jig website. So … we’re a support group that turned into a cycling group four years ago when we started recovering from breast cancer treatment and diagnosis. Usually I do a big ride on Sunday with Briony, who’s my training partner. Apart from that it’s really us ringing round to see who’s doing what and when. Casually organised. We’ll ride more as a team when nearer the Ride to Conquer Cancer 2014 in August. If you want a regular women’s focussed training ride there’s http://kpcc.org.au/#item=womens-only-weekdays – Kangaroo Point cycling club. Otherwise I’ll take your email/mobile and let you know when we’re heading out next. Cheers, Josie.

      • Dale Youngberry says:

        Hi Josie

        Thanks for getting back to me so promptly. I’d love to join you ladies some time so please keep me posted and we’ll go from there.

        Regards Dale Youngberry

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