My Guardian Angels

Breast clinics are attached to hospitals as a support for women going through breast cancer treatments. It’s a follow up centre to get drains removed, queries answered, and referrals to counsellors/psychologists and much more. My nurse from the Mater Private Breast Cancer Centre has arranged to throw some private funding from the Breast Clinic my way for a Nanny. BUT, there’s more … she randomly met some women she knew out and about on the weekend (it’s shrouded in mystery, I’ll never know their names) who had a successful fundraiser on the weekend and wanted to give a portion of money directly to a women with breast cancer in a difficult situation (well, we all are) – and – I am officially on a tricky, muddy, tight-rope of a path with a son on the same said path so they donated the money to Felix and I. And now my lovely nurse has put me in-touch with a Nanny service and she’ll organise the payment side of things with my pooled funds. How wonderful is that? Bloody wonderful in fact. Thank you world.

11 comments on “My Guardian Angels

  1. Eric says:

    that’s frick’n awesome!!

  2. Sarah says:

    How brilliant to know the kind people outnumber the unkind. That’s fantastic.
    And the blog is brilliant, Josie. I’ll be away after the 28th but I’ll check in from time to time.
    Good luck with navigating the remaining treatments straight onto that cancer-free road.

    • Josie Dietrich's breast blog says:

      Hi Sarah,

      I thought of you the other day and would love to hear how and where you are. I’m back from mastectomy Monday – bit sore and swollen, but cancer free (pathology on b.tissue came back negative). Yahoo. Josie xx.

      • Sarah says:

        That’s fantastic, Josie. I thought of you the other day, too. I bet it was the same other day.
        I’m coming to Brisbane next Wednesday. Will be staying for 6 weeks or so. We’ll make a date to meet.
        Sarah x

  3. chrisbongers says:

    There are wonderful people out there in the world, Josie, and I’m not surprised that they’re finding their way to you. xx

  4. Ed says:

    you so deserve good things. love you. xx

  5. Mieke says:

    Hi Josie,
    Wonderful to hear you will get extra support with Felix. We will call soon and catch up.
    Love Ngaire and Mieke

    • Josie Dietrich's breast blog says:

      I’m back from mastectomy Monday – bit swollen and sore – but happy and cancer free (tissue pathology came back negative). Yahoo. jx.

  6. Sara says:

    Hi Josie,

    Really lovely news, I am so glad to hear of some relief, and done so beautifully .
    lots of love

  7. saer says:

    far out brussel sprout
    that is some serious “oogy-boogy” news af the greatest proportions.
    The gods are smiling upon you
    Well, with your srtipped back spunk, no bloody wonder.
    You are inspiring
    Love saer

    • Josie Dietrich's breast blog says:

      Hi Saer,

      I’m back from Mastectomy Monday. Bit swollen and sore, but good, really good. Pathology was done on my breast tissue and there was no cancer whatsoever. YES> YES. More soon. Congratulations to Adam on Gunns outcome. Jx.

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