I have no nasal hair


Breathing in is like opening the door of your rented 4wd and sniffing a Canadian icestorm outside: the sensation is sharp. I stand in the middle of my chemo regimen fascinated with the stripped down effect on my body and self in general. First with the body. The chrome dome and return to just skin look from losing most of one’s hair content makes me resemble I, Robot (from the movie with Will Smith). My ears stick back thank god. I’m used to it now. I even kind of like it – it’s easy. There’s no hiding, anything. Same with myself. I have no career at present to hide behind or define my self by. What do you do? I’m a mother: check. I’m a cancer patient: check. I’m a person with interests/ of interest? check. Query – How do you define yourself when the usual trappings are sliced off? By how you conduct yourself through the world … and with others (?)

3 comments on “I have no nasal hair

  1. Margie Blanch says:

    Hello Josie, this is Margie from Global Village… I have just read your blog and am in awe of your strength…I cannot begin to imagine how difficult things must be for you at the present time…it was very nice to read that you are able to get a nanny…my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family…

  2. Katherine LW says:

    Hi Josie,
    Thank you for your comment on my blog and for your beautiful honesty on your blog. I’ve never met you but I have to tell you how stunning you look without hair. When you’ve finished chemo and it all grows back, thick and lustrous, I think you might choose to keep it shaved – just because it looks so good.
    Wishing you the very best results with your treatment.
    Good luck!

  3. Rosie says:

    Hi Josie
    Got news via Gill that your life journey has thrown you on an unexpected path. Wanted to drop you a quick line to say, I don’t know what really… love and strength to you and your beautiful Felix & Brett.
    Rosie – I was just trying to work out how I would define myself to you so you would remember me!!

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