From ruffles to pimples

My nipples haven’t stuck in place. Instead of nipple ruffles I have nipple pimples. The water proof dressing wasn’t so water proof. Unfortunately when I changed the dressing they’d already become infected. I figured the water trailed in along my mastectomy scar, because the second water proof (to the power 10) dressing let the old H of 2O in also.

The initial nipple tack done under local anaesthetic went really well. The bugger with having an infection is that the stitched wound spreads apart and in effect undoes/unzips the stitches and neat job performed by the surgeon. The result of all this is that my previously pert nipples are now flattened; the left will hopefully go the distance, but the right is a goner. The plastic surgeon told me to allow the wound to dry out. On seeing the infection he quickly announced, “We’ll get them looking good don’t worry”. Then he proceeded to discuss skin grafts, preferably taken near an existing scar to mask the graft site. I blanked out the entire option let alone conversation about skin grafting. I just don’t want that much more hassle for something that’s between Brett and I only. If we can live with the current results then ‘stuff it’ they’re staying as is. However, the final results aren’t in yet as the infected right side hasn’t healed and both sides have crusty scabs. No decisive news on this front (so to speak).

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