There better be a next time …

and there is!

I had my nipples checked out by my plastic surgeon again, and he (again) told me to wait and see how they turn up (clear throat) after the infection disappears, but that they’ll likely need to be done again. It looks like (crossed fingers) he could do the same minimal procedure under local anaesthetic. Oh heaven on earth let this be the case, otherwise, I’m stuck with some ‘wee nipples of the rouge variety. Worse things.

7 comments on “There better be a next time …

  1. chrisbongers says:

    Josie, anyone else would be having a rant – you are amazing. If you have some free time next week, I’d love to catch up (and you can vent over coffee?) xx

  2. luc revel says:


    i’m looking for a josie dietrich that worked as an english teacher in strasbourg, france a few years ago, it would’nt happen to be you would it?

    kind regards,

  3. luc revel says:

    hi josie,

    hey, i’m really sorry to hear about your breast cancer, i suppose that even though this was the only serious trace that i found on you, i was hoping that it wasn’t you because of the cancer. i’m in the process of moving from strasbourg to paris, and i just came across your and brett’s box of english teaching material, but i suppose that all things considered, it’s seems pretty irrelevant? i was going to offer to send it off to you? i saw that you have a little bouncing boy? that’s wonderful news! let me know if you want me to send your stuff along, i had completely forgotten that i had your stuff. the box hadn’t been opened since i left frédérique’s flat.
    let me know what you think.

    how are you living with your cancer? is it in remission? keep your spirits up, and take care of yourself.

    best wishes,

    ps. you have my email address now, perhaps you could write to me directly via email?

    • Josie Dietrich's breast blog says:

      Dear Luc,

      (I started an email then computer was turned off – not sure if it was sent or not – anyway …). Hello, it’s really lovely to hear from you after all this time. I’ve thought of both of you over the years and wondered what life was like in Strasbourg. Unfortunately yes the blog is mine – the cancer was taken out a week after it was found. No other cancer was evident. However, I had four months of chemotherapy just in case (a truly grueling experience). I remember you coming over to our flat for dinner and taking the boxes and skis. Thank you for this – your kindness was really appreciated. My mother died Christmas Day 2005. So I cared for her for one year. Of course as soon as I developed cancer I took the most drastic measures possible, so I now have hollywood boobs (implants). I’ve been cancer free for one year (and counting folks). I feel really good – fit and healthy again. Now that Felix is two years of age I’m going to return to my MA next year in writing which I deferred when Felix was born.

      Re: the boxes – just chuck them out (thank you for keeping them all of this time). I did in fact work teaching ESL here in Brisbane alongside studying for my MA.

      Brett is now an ESD (Environmental Sustainable Design) mechanical Engineer – he went back to study Engineering (he used to be a computer scientist – I used to be a psych/social worker).

      Paris! When do you move? And what will you do?

      Good to chat (over the ether).

      Cheers, Josie.

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