A tattooed bra

My friend Katie sent this picture to me. It’s remarkable body art! I’d imagine the woman would want to walk around with an open shirt or topless to show it off. Before my bi-lateral mastectomy reconstruction I fantasised about getting a moth tattooed across my chest in the style of natural history illustration. I saw this as a way of reclaiming my body. However, after getting my nipples tattooed the last thing I want to do now is get an inked needle inserted into my chest again and again – no more pain for me, for now. Also my idea of reclaiming my chest or my sense of self through tattooing has altered. Maybe someday!

2 comments on “A tattooed bra

  1. Mark Howell-Walmsley says:

    Please pass on my regards to the lady with the tattoo. What an inspiration lady displaying the most amazing amount of positivity in the face of adversity.

    Sending her and all metta



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