There’s riding a bike and then there’s riding …

(Trial Riding as performance art.)

I went for a solo ride around a common circuit today called ‘The River Loop’. Many Brisbane cyclists do this loop on weekends. From door – to – my door it’s about 45kms or so. I needed to do something highly physical to force my mind off pending results for the ovarian/uterine scan I had yesterday. A 12mm benign calcification is present on my uterus, as it is with many women who’ve had children or are aging (maternally). Fear returns so rapidly when ‘something’ shows on scans and so forth. This is how it’ll be from now on around medical check-ups or bodily sensations that aren’t easily explained, as the bad thing has happened – I had the big C – and it could come again. May it never!

The concern I have with my breast cancer spreading to my ovaries or uterine lining is so great that next year I’m having a radical hysterectomy. I’m also doing this so that I can stop going into the day oncology unit every month and getting a zoladex injection to turn my ovaries off. Unfortunately, I can never use them again and at 37yrs of age they still pump out way too much oestrogen to be left alone. Plus the needle that delivers my monthly medical pellet – zoladex injection – is 0.5mm diameter.

Footnote: my team ‘Breast Friends for a Cure’ returns next year for the 2012 Ride to Conquer Cancer. This week I’ve started getting bike fit again after nearly 7 weeks hiatus from regular riding. Of course I was away in New York for two of those weeks.

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