Ambassadors’ Night – celebration and thanks

As Team Captain of Breast Friends For a Cure I went to the QIMR (Qld Institute of Medical Research) event’s night for Ambassadors. I was a silver Ambassador because of the amount we, as a team, raised – $42K plus.

Professor Frank Gannon Director & CEO

The Director and CEO is responsible for the research work undertaken by the Institute and management of QIMR employees. Previously, Professor Gannon was the Director General at the Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) from 2007 until his move to Brisbane in January 2011.

His major research interest is the expression and functional regulation of the oestrogen receptor which plays a major role in breast cancer and osteoporosis. These studies have provided leads to novel treatments or therapeutic approaches to these and other cancers.


Tracey Atkinson, whose sister and dear friend had cancer, raised $51,530.90 for cancer research. She’d never taken part in fundraising before but felt compelled after her friend died from a brain tumour.

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